PRO Multi-Platform Reseller Spreadsheet

PRO Multi-Platform Reseller Spreadsheet

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This is the mother of all reseller inventory tools.

I combined all of my monthly reports, sales logs, inventory sheets, inventory management, and cost trackers into one spreadsheet for you!

The download is an Excel file (.xlsl), which I highly recommend importing into Google Sheets for best use.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the sheets in the PRO Multi-Platform Reseller Spreadsheet, but make sure you check out the basic Google Sheets 101 & FAQ video too!


This 100% automated sheet calculates all of your monthly reports. Gross sales, COGS (cost of goods sold), margins, profit, etc. All of your numbers are in the first graph, but if you keep scrolling… you can see it broken down by platform. See which platforms are performing better, or could use more love.

Sales Log:

Record all of your sales here easier than any other spreadsheet you’ve used before.

Select platform, enter sale date, enter inventory number, price, and watch it calculate everything else - fees, shipping, etc. By entering the inventory number, you don’t even have to enter the item’s information, like brand or COGS!


Use this sheet to log your inventory after you bring it home. Fill in all the details, use it to list your items, and be sure to give them inventory numbers! You’ll spend the most time here, so get cozy.

Average Inventory Cost Tracker:

Do you know how much your inventory is worth mid-year? How about the total of Cost of Goods Sold?

Now, more than ever, you will actually understand what the mess is happening in the background. Check in to see how much you’re spending on inventory a month, how many units you’re purchasing, and be super-duper ready for the next tax season!

Inventory IDs:

Use this page to manage inventory numbers… for such a simple page, there’s a lot going on. Make sure you watch the video for this one!