How to Create a Productive Schedule for Resellers

Nothing gets my panties in a twist more than thinking about all my responsibilities as a business owner.

Consider every role you acquired when you started your thrift flipping business.

You’re the photographer, accountant, social media manager, and… dare I mention customer service representative? It’s the toughest job, and you’re exhausted because you’re juggling too much.

Potential buyer: Would you consider my $20 offer on this $75 NWT dress?

You get the picture.

Instead of biting your customers’ heads off and not sleeping, I’m going to walk you through creating a work schedule. A routine that will help you feel more balanced, at peace, and work for YOU.

1. Determine your tasks.

Grab a pen and prepare for a massive brain dump.


Write down every Poshmark-related task. Daily, weekly, monthly, annually – doesn’t matter.

Now, go in and write how often each task needs completion.

2. Your lifestyle.

Put your task list aside for a moment, and we’re going to evaluate your lifestyle.

Are you a mom? Do you work full-time? Is this your sole income?

Is Poshmark your hobby? Do you want to work part-time? Full-time?

Remember the reason you are a reseller. You want this job to compliment your life, not overrun it or stress you out.

Go ahead and jot down what commitments you have throughout the week. Remember the value of family time, social events, and taking a break.

In the next step, we’ll schedule your tasks around these priorities.

3. Schedule it out.



I advise you to begin with your daily tasks. Review them and make sure they’re actually necessary to complete every day. Don’t create more work for yourself.

As a single parent, everything revolves around flexibility. I try only to work when Nora is sleeping because one of my priorities is being around to see her grow up. I value our time together.

So, instead of assigning hourly tasks, I separate by AM and PM. It offers the most flexibility in our schedule.


Let your Poshmark tasks collaborate with your lifestyle duties.

For instance, I have a large grocery trip every Monday. It requires 2 hrs of entertaining a 1-year-old while simultaneously locating the jalapeno stuffed olives.

(I swear I can NEVER find those!)



I try to give myself a lighter workload on Monday.

If necessary, use this strategy for your monthly or annual tasks. My monthly schedule is short. I review my balance sheet and income report, then pay work-related bills.

4. Be kind to yourself.

I say this a lot. And for good reason.

Maybe you don’t need much sleep, or maybe you’re a super-sonic multi-tasker. But you owe it to yourself and the people you value to pace yourself.

After you establish a schedule, it will be easier to enjoy your work. The weight will lift from your shoulders, and you’ll allow yourself to be present in your personal life too.

And remember, let your schedule grow and evolve. The seasons of your life will change, include your routine in that growth.

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