5 Cover Photo Tips to Make More Money on Poshmark

Today, after spending the duration of two Supernatural episodes listing on Poshmark, I felt productive and accomplished.

Heck, I even pictured myself packing up a few orders within the hour.

Truth is, Poshmark's stylists — or users — list an average of 4 million garments every day.

So, how do you ensure your listings get seen?

You need to stand out, and this is how you do it.

1. Lighting


This is a screenshot from my Poshmark feed. In my opinion, no particular listing stands out from the rest because all these ladies know how to capture attention.

Their background selections and styling vary, but each listing is beautifully lit.

You need to...

Observe when the natural light pours through your windows at home. Take note of places to set up and photograph. At my house, the lighting is perfect from 10:30am - noon.

Like me, you may only have an hour or so before the light dims. When your time is up, pause and pick back up later.

You may be thinking, "I have 2 more garments to photograph, and then I'll sto—," No. Trust me, it's worth saving for next time.

Bonus tip: Don't even think about using flash.

Better yet, invest in a lighting kit. I have two Limo Studio’s “Portrait Studio” sets I use regularly. Pair it with this pop-out bad boy, and you can photograph at any hour!

2. Backdrop


When you scroll through your feed, or the listings categorized within brands or sizes, you may notice specific photos grab your attention. Let's take this screenshot for example.

My eyes skimmed past the first 6 listings and straight to Lindsey's Calvin Klein pumps. And not because I like heels, y'all, but because of contrast.


Not only is the background white and beautifully lit — there's texture. The fur backdrop adds dimension and steers away from the generic stock photo feel.


In my next example, my eyes jumped to something a little different. Turquoise and brown aren't a high-contrast pairing, so what caught my attention?


The blue (cold) and brown (warm-dark) are complimentary colors and read novel, yet modern. Remember, you don't need a bright white background for your listing to read expensive and elegant.

You need to...

Partner your product with a high-contrast or complimentary-colored background. If you want to go the extra mile, use a textured backdrop. Your listing will jump out at potential buyers.

After a year of reselling full-time, I find a solid white background works best for me. It’s simple, clean, provides the contrast I mentioned above, and better yet - it’s fast.

I use this pop-out muslin background!

3. Layout & Styling


Flat lays are trendy, but so long as the natural light shines — anything works!

Typically, I shy away from stock images and modeling, but Ming's modeled cover shots are a charming exception.

In the second photo, Jess curated a cacti-themed flat lay. This woman ought to be an affiliate for ModCloth because her Closet drips a spunky-quaint vibe.

Lastly, my friend Talisa introduces depth. She alternates between flat lays with silk tulips and hanging garments near a well-lit window.

You need to...

Start working with what you have.

At first, I styled entire outfits. I photographed against an ironed white sheet on the front porch in the Texas heat.

It wasn't working for me.

Styling is too fussy for my taste and I don't prefer the outdoors.

Find what works for you and create your aesthetic.

4. Cohesiveness

If your Closet is cohesive, you will make more money.


My friend Amanda has a well-branded Closet. No matter how fast I'm scrolling through my feed, I always recognize her cover photos. She is memorable!

Poshmark is like Instagram and Pinterest's love-child. Users scroll through listings at the speed of light, so you only have a split-second to send a message with your cover photo.


Above, you can see how Elisa's Closet oozes professionalism and buyers feel at ease. You can do this too!

You need to...

Make buyers feel comfortable shopping. Style your cover photos similarly to create a streamline Closet.

You will appear trustworthy when your brand is consistent.

Maintaining a cohesive Closet is time and resource efficient too! Establish a photographing system and familiarize yourself with a repeatable editing process.

It'll save you from working through the hairy design details every time you list.

5. Editing


Speaking of hairy details... never use the Poshmark filters.

You need to...

Give your photos a little face lift! And that's all.

If you photographed with enough light, that's all they should need. I use the VSCO iPhone app and adjust brightness a tad. If the colors aren't photographing true, I dance between my favorite filters at a low setting.

Less is more. Keep it simple.

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